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Leaf Removal

 Leaf pickup is the most popular spring or fall service we offer.   When you hire Riverview Turfworks to remove your leaves you can sit back and relax as we whip your lawn and landscape into shape.  We collect leaves from your lawn, landscape, and paved surfaces, then haul them away with us.  

If you’re ready for a completely hands-off experience caring for your lawn this spring or fall, please contact us for the best price around.  If you need more than a leaf pick, please check out what else we can do for your landscape as the seasons change.

Spring Clean Ups

As the days begin to linger on you realize that the winter has taken a toll on your property. Sticks, leaves, and other debris cover your flower beds, lawn, and those hard to reach corners around the house. Depending on our crazy Ft. Smith, AR weather we can start the spring clean up process as early the last week of February. For the majority of our properties, this process is easy on our clients’ wallet and can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Fall Clean Ups

You can feel it in the air; the cool and soothing autumn breeze whisks through your neighborhood as you enjoy the sight of the luscious fall colors begin to appear on your foliage. A week or two goes by and now those gorgeous hues turn to brown and plague your entire property. You think to yourself “Where will I get the time to clean this mess up?” Our expert technicians can efficiently clean up your property and get it ready for winter. Our standard Fall Clean Up package includes one final mowing, blowing off all hard surfaces, hauling off any branches or dead plants, and mulching up your leaves. We are often asked why we mulch leaves instead of hauling them off. To be fair there are some properties that have an extraordinary amount of leaves that do need to be hauled off, however, the vast majority of our customer base does not have this issue. Simply stated, mulching the leaves is the healthiest action for your grass. Riverview Turfworks’ commercial mowers spin so fast that the leaves are chopped up almost as fine as sawdust. By mulching the leaves we induce a healthy serving of nitrogen into your lawn just in time for winter.

Storm Clean Ups

Fort Smith, Van Buren, and Chaffee Crossing residents are no strangers to crazy storms, strong straight-line winds, and tornadoes. Storms can be a very traumatic experience. We are able to remove downed trees, branches, plants, leaves, fences, and other debris. If you are in need of help after a storm give Riverview Turfworks a call and we will be happy to send out a technician for your free estimate.

Read our blog post on storm damage cleanup to learn the best practices and things to avoid if your property is damaged in a storm in the Arkansas River Valley.

Regular Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

If you are just looking for regular lawn maintenance service like weekly lawn mowing, check out our page dedicated to our lawn mowing service.  We also prune shrubs and spread mulch among many other related lawn care and landscaping services.

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