Unsure of what to do each season?  Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, fertilization, weed control, or mulch installation?  So many questions, but we have the answers!!

In this lawn and landscape calendar style blog, we break up lawn and landscape tasks by each season to make it easier to understand.

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Winter Season Lawn and Landscape Tasks

This is the easy season for lawn care work, there is not much to do.

You want to continue to water your grass and plants, be sure to bring inside any plants that will not survive the frost and cooler temperatures. Keep an eye on the grass to make sure there is not an insect or disease damage starting to occur and treat if necessary. If you haven’t cleaned up your leaves, then early winter is the perfect time to do so.

Late winter is the time to start planning on trimming most bushes and hedges, although not all will survive being trimmed this time of year so make sure to do research on your particular shrubs before doing so. A pre-emergence herbicide for warm-season weeds should be applied late winter as well as a post-emergence herbicide (2nd application if needed) for cool-season weeds. Begin scheduling mulch and spring colors installation.

Spring Lawn Care

Spring Lawn and Landscape Tasks

Weeds are popping up, the grass is turning green, and bushes are growing their leaves back.

Continue watering your grass, about 1” per week. Early spring and late spring are the best time to add fertilizer to warm-season grasses. Before the grass needs to be cut be sure to have your fresh mulch installed and spring flowers because the grass growing season is about to hit and you will not have time to get anything else done except grass cutting.

Remember to mow the lawn at a high setting 3”-4” to help promote good root structure and shade the grassroots. Late spring is a good time for a post-emergence herbicide treatment of warm-season weeds.

Summer Lawn Watering

Summer Lawn and Landscape Tasks

Luckily, Fort Smith, Arkansas is mostly covered in bermudagrass, and bermudagrass thrives in the heat. The most important task to keep up with during these hot Arkansas summers is to water your lawn.

Give the yard a minimum of 1” of water every week, if we are in a drought up that to 2”. Be sure to spread your watering schedule across 2-3 days for the week, we don’t want the grass drowning. Continue your yard mowing as high as your mower will cut, this will help keep the grass cool and thriving.

Fall Lawn Calendar

Fall Lawn and Landscape Tasks

Continue to water and mow the grass as you normally do. As the leaves start to fall, consider mulching the leaves instead of hauling them away.

Mulched leaves will release nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil and is a natural fertilizer. You’ll want to get some pre-emergent herbicide for cool-season weeds spread across your lawn and do your first application (if needed) for post-emergent herbicide for cool-season weeds late fall. Don’t forget to plant those fall flowers and put out fall lawn decorations to keep your lawn looking great into the winter.

Lawn and Landscape Calendar Conclusion

If your goal is to have an appealing lawn and landscape, the work really never stops.  Hopefully, you enjoy the work as much as we do.

We believe it is 100% worth the effort and think you will agree if you commit to maintaining your lawn and landscape all year long.

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