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We want to be your River Valley lawn care service.  Our lawn mowing has everything you would expect from a professional lawn mowing company and more.  Customer service is our top priority, followed closely by quality with every service we perform.  When you hire Riverview Turfworks to mow your lawn you can expect it to be mowed, trimmed, edged, and cleaned up each week like clockwork.

We know it would be really hard to make a decision without knowing how much mowing is going to cost!  Check out our pricing for Fort Smith and Van Buren Lawn Mowing Service Costs. 

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Barling AR mowing service
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Grass Cutting Service

We take pride in the curb appeal of your home, that’s why your grass is our top priority. Grass is the healthiest when it is cut between 3” – 4” tall, while never cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade off at one time. Practicing this will promote a deeper root structure, and shade for the base of the blade to help it through these hot Arkansas summers.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly NO-CONTRACT Service – Because the health of your turf is our main concern we only offer a weekly grass cutting service. This includes mowing your entire property with our commercial grade mowers; string trimming around fences, posts, buildings, etc; stick edging of all concrete surfaces; and blowing all hard surfaces on your property to remove grass clippings and other dirt/debris.

Affordable Lawn Service

We invest in the right equipment to perform each service as quickly as possible while still maintaining our standard of quality.  This allows us to keep our pricing as low as possible for you.

Are you AFRAID to have heavy commercial zero turn mowers on your property? DO NOT WORRY! Traditional zero turn mowers can weigh well over 1,600lbs, we use innovative new stand-on style mowers that reduce the weight more than 50%! We use commercial grade equipment to provide the absolute best cut your lawn can obtain. Commercial grade mower blades spin much faster than their residential counterparts, which results in a superior cut.

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Check out our River Valley service area if you are unsure if we can service your property or not.  We cover Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Barling, and are expanding quickly!

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