Storm Damage Restoration in Fort Smith AR

The Fort Smith and Van Buren areas are no strangers to severe storm damage caused by tornados and straight line winds. Not to mention the issues caused by flooding like we experienced in May 2019 and are still cleaning up from,  as we write this blog post.

In the unfortunate event that your property is damaged, Riverview Turfworks is here to lend a helping hand. Downed trees, mangled trampolines, and broken privacy fences are just a few of the things we can dispose of on properly. We know these can be stressful times and will do our very best to get your property back to normal quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Storm Cleanup Best Practices

Follow these simple tips to clean your property up safely and the ‘right’ way.

  1. Make sure it is safe to begin the cleanup process (most important!)
  2. Recycle any debris you can
  3. Plant material can be composted
  4. Garbage should be disposed of at proper facilities
  5. Create piles in convenient areas for pick up/removal – if the piles will stay for some period of time before removal, consider creating these piles as far away from your home as possible as pests are attracted to them for food/shelter
  6. PPE (personal protective equipment) should be worn at all times including work boots, puncture-resistant gloves, work pants, safety googles, and hearing/back protection if needed.

downed tree blocking street after storm

Tips For Hiring a Storm Cleanup Service

There are certainly services out there like ours that can help you cleanup your property.  We just wanted to offer a word of caution as unscrupulous people tend to take advantage of people in extreme times of need like these.

If you are not familiar with the company, do not pay them in advance!  We hear far too many horror stories of people paying for a service that they never end up receiving.

Make sure the company is insured.  Any legitimate business performing these storm cleanup type services should have a commercial insurance policy.  This is referred to as their ‘general liability insurance.’  Companies like ours get asked by potential clients to see a copy of this document from time to time, even when engaging our more traditional services like lawn care and landscaping.  If the company is not willing to send over a copy, this probably means they do not have it in place.  Do not hire them!

The last thing we want is for an uninsured person/service to get injured on your property while cleaning it up.  That could make a bad situation worse very quickly.

Riverview Turfworks Is Here To Help

Check back later for future blogs!

We are growing our local lawn and landscape business 1 satisfied customer at a time.  If you are in need of anything in the lawn or garden from help with mowing the lawn to trimming the shrubs or laying down new mulch, our quotes are free and we are happy to get it to you quickly.

Stay safe out there!  Thanks so much for reading.

Check out our lawn and landscape services to learn more about what we can do for you over and beyond storm cleanup, we really hope we never have to perform that service for you!