Check out these fun lawn fact section below to help educate you, so you can get the most out of your lawn and landscape.

Everyone aspires to have a thick, weed-free lawn with luscious landscape beds full of colorful seasonal flowers, perfectly trimmed hedges, properly pruned shrubs, and a layer of freshly installed cedar or dyed mulch to help insulate the plant roots whilst at the same time giving gorgeous curb appeal.

Beautiful yards are something every homeowner can obtain, but the benefits of a properly maintained and cut lawn go beyond aesthetics. Gathered here are the forgotten facts related to a healthy lawn and landscape program.  We hope you enjoy our fun lawn facts!

Plants produce oxygen

Fun Lawn Fact #1: Lawns Produce Oxygen; While trees are often toted as being the best oxygen-producing plants, healthy grass actually takes the #1 spot.  There’s a fun lawn fact for you!

A 25′ x 25′ square patch of healthy cut grass produces enough oxygen for one human to breathe an entire day. To put this into perspective, the average property size in Fort Smith, Arkansas is ½ acre with about 19,000 square feet of that being turf.

The average household provides 30 people fresh oxygen for an entire day!

Lawns Stay Cool

Fun Lawn Fact #2: Turf Stays Cool on the Hottest Days

Van Buren is no stranger to heat, with summer temperatures reaching into the triple digits every year. Humans may not notice that roads, sidewalks, patios, and drives are sizzling hot – but our pets do.

During the hottest weeks of the year, grass can be up to 30 degrees cooler than the hard surfaces it borders!  We guess these fun lawn fact is for our furry friends!

Landscaping increases home value

Fun Lawn Fact #3: Landscaping Increases Home Value

You are not throwing money away.

That $20,000 landscape install you had done a few years back, the bi-monthly visits from your favorite fertilization and weed control company, the $45 weekly lawn mowing service, the yearly hedge trimming, bush trimming, and mulch installation you pay for.

Lawn maintenance is an investment if you haven’t heard this fun lawn fact yet. The curb appeal from a properly maintained yard and landscape can increase your property value by more than 15%!

Perhaps the most fun part of lawn and landscape design is the competition it creates. Neighbors see the nicest lawn in the neighborhood every single day and are envious of it. They want it. They have to have it. It’s now a competition, every neighbor has a stunning landscape and deep green lawn.

The entire neighborhood now has a higher resale value, and people are lined up wanting to buy properties in your stunning neighborhood.

Roots natural erosion control

Fun Lawn Fact #4: Roots are Natural Erosion Control

No grass = Big problems.  Erosion control is a giant positive for lawn maintenance. Without this characteristic, your property would be a gooey, muddy mess every time it rained. A healthy yard can absorb over 5 times more water than a comparable-sized garden.  We bet you didn’t know that fun lawn fact!

Picnic in the lawn

Enjoy Your Lawn and Landscape

What is more pleasant than watching your child run through the lawn barefoot on their way to the swing set? Or watching your dog chase after a tennis ball you just bounced off the fence in your backyard? Or simply laying a blanket on freshly mowed grass to have a picnic?

Properly maintained turf provides a safe surface to have any outdoor activity on.