Before and After Sod Installation (6)

Whether you are wanting to replace your entire yard or simply fix some bare areas, sod installation is the best solution for your needs.

In this blog post, we will go over best practices for both Bermuda sod installation and Zoysia sod installation including preparation, installation, and maintenance. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the work involved don’t worry, Riverview Turfworks is a Professional Sod Installation company located in Van Buren, AR, and would love to help you with your project!

Sod Preparation: Let’s start at the beginning!

Preparing for your sod installation in the Fort Smith and Northwest Arkansas metros will consist of the same prep work regardless of location.

The very first step is to determine the size of your work area, you can use small flags to help visualize the job. For the best-looking sod installation, you will want to ‘square off’ the work area, for instance, if you have an area with several small damaged spots consider replacing a large square or rectangular area that includes everything instead of placing random pieces of sod throughout the lawn.

Next, you will want to grab a calculator and measuring stick to calculate the square footage of the work area, this will let you know how much Bermuda or Zoysia sod to purchase. When installing Bermuda sod or Zoysia sod soil preparation is one of the key aspects of the job. The soil will need to be tilled at least 2″ deep to create a seed bed for the sod roots can get established more easily. If you’re doing a DIY sod install then renting a tiller may be your best bet for a small area, however, professional sod installation companies like us use commercial units mounted to skid steers. After tilling the soil be sure to rake the area smooth and remove any debris.

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Sod Installation: You’re halfway there!

Both Bermuda sod and Zoysia sod are typically available in three sizes; slabs (small rectangles roughly 18″ long), mini rolls (small rolls roughly 6′ long), and big rolls (professional machinery is needed to install big roll sod). Since Riverview Turfworks is a professional sod installation company we install big rolls almost exclusively. The key aspect of big roll sod installation is to have an experienced machine operator, this will ensure a smooth and quick sod installation.

When installing palletized Bermuda sod or Zoysia sod it is important to stagger the pieces, like a brick wall, during the sod installation. Staggering sod pieces will help keep the pieces from shifting.

After the sod has been laid you will need to use a lawn roller over the area to help ensure good root contact and smooth out any bumps.

Sod Maintenance: The hard work is over!

Bermuda Sod and Zoysia Sod are both warm-season grasses, so they both require the same basic maintenance schedule.

Proper watering is the key to ensuring your new lawn looks good and establishes properly. Our general rule for watering is to make sure the ground is moist at least 3″ deep and that the sod roots and top of the soil is moist at all times. This means watering frequency and times will vary for everyone, with summertime sod installations needing watered three times a day, and winter sod installations needing to be watered once every ten days or so.

After the roots have attached to the ground you can begin to mow your newly installed sod, be sure to not scalp the sod. For more in-depth sod installation maintenance and mowing, information check out our other blog post here – How to water and mow Bermuda and Zoysia sod.

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A new lawn can transform your curb appeal into a beautiful work of art. We would love to help you complete your dream home by turning your spotty yard into a luscious new Zoysia or Bermuda lawn. Our clients are always blown away by not only the sod installation itself but our customer service. If you would like to experience the best customer service you’ve ever had from the lawn company fill out the estimate form and we will contact you shortly.