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Sod installation and delivery services.

We have great prices on Bermuda and Zoysia sod.  Have us deliver your sod or have us deliver and install your sod.

We Know Sod In The Arkansas River Valley

Riverview Turfworks offers some of the finest Bermuda sod and El Toro Zoysia sod you can find anywhere!

Continue reading to learn more about our sod delivery service and our sod delivery service that includes installation.  You’ll find more information about our sod including pricing, delivery fees, & info on installation below.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule!

Our sod services are offered to residential and commercial clients.

We work closely with a local farm to cut, deliver, and install your sod. This process has proven to work out great for all parties involved and our clients always love the finished result!

Sod Company

Grass Types Available


Bermuda Sod

Our Bermuda is a U3 and 419 blend available in large rolls or square-cut pieces. Large rolls of sod require a skid steer and attachment to install as shown in the pictures.

This is the most popular Bermuda in the area because it is great for both high-traffic commercial and residential uses. It needs full sun and will not grow well in shaded areas.


Zoysia Sod

Our Zoysia sod is the El Toro variety which is highly sought after. 

El Toro Zoysia is your answer for shady areas because it only requires 4-6 hours of sunlight a day, while still thriving in full sun. El Toro is the most drought tolerant of all Zoysia varieties, which is ideal for our hot and dry summers.

Pallet of Sod

Sod Delivery

Our sod delivery fees start at $180.

Deliveries within 20 miles of Ft. Smith in Arkansas are $180 unless diesel prices are over $4.25, then a fuel surcharge would apply.  Our sod services are not available in Oklahoma.

$3.15 per loaded mile if we travel further than 20 miles.

We can haul 6,500 sq. ft. if we are unloading or 9,000 sq. ft. if you have a forklift or skid steer available to unload on-site.

Sod Installation

Our sod delivery and installation services start at $950.

We will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for delivery and installation after you contact us and we are able to determine how much sod is needed and what needs to be done as far as prep work before the sod can be installed.

Sod Installation Service
Bermuda Sod

Bermuda Sod Pricing

400 sq. ft. rolls of Bermuda are $110 each and have a tube deposit of $25 per roll.

500 sq. ft. square-cut pieces of Bermuda is $140 and have a $10 pallet deposit per 500 sq. ft.

If you are planning on installing large rolls of sod yourself, please note a skid steer and attachment are required to install the large rolls. The big roll skid steer fork attachment is available to rent for $80/day.

Zoysia Sod Pricing

Big rolls of Zoysia are not currently available.

400 sq. ft. square-cut pieces of Zoysia is $240 and have a $10 pallet deposit per 400 sq. ft.

Our Zoysia sod is the desirable variety, El Toro Zoysia.

Zoysia Sod Installation

We’re Here To Help!

We are sod experts!  If you are unsure about the type of sod that would be best for your lawn or aren’t sure how much sod you need, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you may have.

We are also happy to provide you with an estimate for installation for you to consider if you are contemplating whether you want to install the sod yourself or not.

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We offer our sod services in Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Barling, and all nearby areas!  Our sod service area is larger than our service area for the other services we offer like lawn mowing.

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Chaffee Crossing is a neighborhood you can find our crews mowing grass regularly.

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We are a small, local business that focuses on lawn mowing and other common lawn services such as mulching, pruning, and general cleanups including leaf removal.  We also offer sod services including delivery and installation.