Lawn Care Services

All of our lawn care services can be found on this page.  If you are interested in learning more about any or all, please click through to that services individual page on our website for more detailed information.

Grass Cutting

Lawn Maintenance

We agree!  Mowing your lawn with residential grade equipment is not fun.  Give yourself a break and hire us to handle your lawn mowing this season.  We have professional equipment that delivers professional results and our rates are probably more affordable than you think.  Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today so you can make an educated decision if hiring a mowing service is right for you.

Hedge Trimming

Shrub Pruning

The difference between recently pruned plants and ones that have been left unattended to is night and day.  Contact us to bring your landscape back to its original glory in a matter of hours without you even breaking a sweat!   We always collect and remove all clippings after a pruning service so all that is left for you to do is enjoy.


Material Delivery and Installation

You are not limited to mulch only at Riverview Turkworks.  Mulch is a very common material used to spruce up flower beds and also has the added benefit of weed suppression and moisture retention, and we agree it looks great.  If you would prefer a decorative rock to be used instead, we have a variety of options available for that as well.  We also deliver and install topsoil and sand to meet any and all of our customers’ specific needs.

Professionally Mowed Lawn

Spring and Fall Lawn Services

The spring and fall are most certainly beautiful times of the year in Fort Smith and the surrounding communities.  Spring and fall can also wreak havoc on your lawn and landscape.  Not to worry though!  We are happy to bring your lawn back to life in the spring and shut it down for the winter months each fall.  Spring and fall cleanups include everything from removing fallen leaves on your property, general debris removal, and seasonal plant care.

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