Decorative rocks surrounded by mulch.

Mulch, Rock, Topsoil, and Sand

Mulch Installation Service

Mulch – Aside from making your flower beds look gorgeous, mulch helps your plants as well. Mulch provides a barrier of protection from the sun, which helps your plant roots stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Keeping the sun off the soil also helps prevent weeds from sprouting and ruining the view of your stunning landscape. Mulch applied at the proper depth of 2-3” helps retain moisture. Too shallow and the ground dries up, too deep and you are dealing with mold, fungus, and root rot. Keeping the appropriate layer of mulch on your flower bed is the healthiest service you could provide for your plants.

Mulch Varieties – New mulch is applied mostly during the early spring in the Fort Smith and Van Buren areas in order to give your flower beds a fresh look that lasts all season. Mulch is available in a basic hardwood style shredded mulch, or in a premium cedar shredded mulch. Modern technology allows mulch to be safely dyed into several attractive colors including: red, black, brown, gold, or you can choose to have a natural look. 

Natural Mulch Options:

An example of what aromatic cedar mulch looks like.

Aromatic Cedar

An example of what fine pine bark mulch looks like.

Pine Bark – Fine

An example of what large pine bark mulch looks like.

Pine Bark – Large

Dyed Hardwood Mulch Options:

An example of what sunset gold dyed mulch looks like.

Sunset Gold

An example of what coffee brown dyed mulch looks like.

Coffee Brown

An example of what black dyed mulch looks like.


An example of what dyed red mulch looks like.


Rock Delivery and Installation

Rock – The biggest advantage rock has in your beds is the low maintenance. Install rock once and the bed is done forever, no need to replace it every year or two. Unfortunately, rock does have a major disadvantage when compared to mulch. Rock will not insulate your soil, rocks will absorb heat during the summer and can actually kill any flowers you may have planted. If you have a bed with some medium-sized or larger shrubs, or maybe you just want a nice bed with no plants at all then you should seriously consider installing rock.

Types of Rock Available

Rock Varieties – Fortunately we are in the Arkansas River Valley, which makes river rock abundant. River rock is available in pea sized 1/2-1”, medium-sized 2”-4”, and in a large landscapers size. Clean cut gravel is another popular choice, it is the gray gravel you normally see used in driveway and walkways. Clean cut gravel is available in a wide variety from 1/2” to 4+. Specialty pebbles are one of the most sought out rocks in our area. These range from small 1/2” pebbles up to 3”. Pebbles come in almost every color imaginable, the most popular being black, gray, white, and brown. They are usually available in a polished or unpolished finish as well.

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