Hedge Trimming

Your bushes and hedges are classified into two basic categories – formal and informal. Formal plants need to be kept tidy in order to maintain their aesthetically pleasing geometric shapes. Informal plants have more freedom and grow into their natural size and shape.

Formal plants need to be trimmed twice, sometimes three times each year! To keep their appealing round, curvy, or square shapes only the sprouts need to be trimmed, so the plant can maintain its trained growing pattern. Generally, we trim formal plants in the spring and fall, but certain species have particular trimming seasons that need to be strictly adhered to.

Shrub Pruning


Informal plants only need to be trimmed or pruned once a year. These plants usually have a heaping pile of debris to be properly disposed of after trimming. Informal bushes are usually pruned in the early spring, but like their formal counterparts have some species that require a specific season to be trimmed.

Trimming and Pruning Service – Whether you have Boxwoods, Crepe Myrtles, Japanese Maples, or Arborvitaes; Riverview Turfworks can properly and efficiently handle your pruning needs. Let us clean up the mess while you effortlessly sit back and enjoy your beautiful landscape.

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