Lawn Mowing Prices

Lawn Mowing Pricing

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Every Mowing Service Includes:


The Mowing Itself

😃 Yes indeed.  Every mowing service we perform includes running the lawn mower over your lawn.

Trimming & Edging

All of that mowing would be for not if we didn’t trim around obstacles and edge the concrete borders.

Clean Up

Before we go we double check our work as we blow all of the grass clippings off your pavement and out of your beds.

Lawn Service Costs

How We Determine Your Mowing Quote

We take many characteristics of your lawn into account before we provide our mowing quote, but we keep it really simple.  The part that affects our price the most is how much time we will have in your mowing service.

Below you will find our pricing guideline and examples of lawns that represent a lawn that size.  You are welcome to measure your property to be sure using this free tool:  Lawn Area Calculator

*If you have a very small amount of grass or if we are mowing your neighbor’s lawn already, your lawn could fall into our minimum charge category of $40.  The purpose of our pricing page is to get you a good idea of your cost so you know if you want to contact us or not.

1/2 Acre Lots

Approx. 22,000 sq. ft.
  • Pricing varies based on your lawn’s unique characteristics.

3/4 Acre Lots

Approx. 33,000 sq. ft.
  • Pricing varies based on your lawn’s unique characteristics.

What Characteristics Affect Our Mowing Prices?

Great question!  To determine a lawn mowing cost, we use your properties total square footage as a basic starting point.  We then take into consideration unique characteristics to your lawn.

How well you lawn fits into our existing routes.  The closer the lawns we cut are together, the more we can do in a shorter period of time.  If you see us in your neighborhood already, you can bet we will be able to offer you our very best pricing for a property your size.

Slopes, obstacles, and fences.  All of these features your lawn may have add additional time and/or difficulty to the job.  We have professional equipment, but these characteristics still add time to the job which we need to account for.

Mowing Prices

You will find our lawn mowing service pricing with examples below.  Please feel free to call and ask any questions you may have.

1/4 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

Mowing Service Cost

$45 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 6,300 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 10,200 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

  • $40 is our minimum charge for any lawn mowing service stop no matter the size.
  • Corner lot – This typically means the amount of sidewalk edging is 2x of an ‘inline’ home, which adds time to the job.
  • Fences – Small fence gates keep us from using our most efficient lawn mowers as they may not fit through the gate.
  • It’s flat – Steep slopes are not only a little dangerous to mow at time, they also require us to really time our time.

1/2 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

Half Acre Lot Mowing Pricing

$60 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 11,500 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 22,600 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

This lawn has nearly twice the amount of grass as our 1st example, but it is only $15 more per mowing service.  Why?


  • Fewer obstacles – This lawn has a couple trees and beds in the lawn, but for the most part, it is quick open mowing.
  • Slight slope in the back – The grade of the backyard is not signifigant on this lawn, small slopes do not affect our pricing.

3/4 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

3 Quarter Acre Lot Mowing Pricing

$80 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 20,100 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 28,200 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

  • Flag lot – If nothing else flag lots add more time getting our lawn equipment from our truck to your lawn.  
  • Lots of obstacles – This lawn has numerous items to mow and trim around.  We have to take this additional time into consideration in our quote.
  • Fenced in backyard – To further complicate this mowing service, the backyard is fenced.  Fences always add time because of the additional trimming required around the base of the fence and the gate width doesn’t allow our commercial mowers to fit.


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