Alternating Patterns When Mowing

This is how we mow your lawn like a pro!

Learn why we alternate the direction we mow so we do not damage your lawn.

Mowing Visits 1 & 2 Get Perpendicular Lines

We won’t mow your lawn ‘the same way’ every visit.

The mowing service itself remains the same.  Each mowing service visit includes mowing, trimming, edging, and cleanup.

We just change the direction we mow.

A diagram showing the perpendicular pattern Riverview Turfworks mows in during week one and two.
A diagram depicting the diagonal pattern Riverview Turfworks mows in during week three and four.

Mowing Visits 3 & 4 Get Diagonal Lines

On the 3rd and 4th visit we will mow your lawn on a diagonal.

This ensures the lawn mower tires are not rolling over the same exact areas of your lawn each week.

On the 5th and 6th mowing visit, we start mowing your lawn perpendicular again and the cycle continues.

We Alternate Patterns So We Don’t Rut Your Lawn

The picture is obviously an extreme example!

But, this is exactly what we are trying to avoid by mowing your lawn in alternating patterns each time we visit.

If you have lived in the Fort Smith area for some time you probably are well aware that we can get excessive amount of rainfall at certain times of the year.  When your lawn is wet, we will take extra precaution or skip your lawn until the following week to allow it to dry out.

Extreme ruts carved into a field.
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