If you’re searching for a grass cutting service in Fort Smith, AR you can officially stop your search!

Riverview Turfworks offers a reliable and affordable grass cutting service in Fort Smith, Van Buren, and Barling.  Our attention to detail is second to none but our customer service is what really sets us apart from the other lawn cutting services in our local area.

Van Burens Favorite Lawn Service

Why hire Riverview Turfworks to cut your grass?

We take lawn maintenance seriously and love cutting grass.  You can see our passion in every service we provide.  We are not the company that pulls up and leaves your lawn as quickly as they can!

First and foremost, we are a customer service business!  Our goal is to provide our customers with an all-around great experience using a lawn service.  This starts with us answering the phone and returning emails promptly.

We are not used car salesman!  We do offer free, no-pressure price quotes for lawn mowing though.  You can request your grass cutting quote by phone or email 24/7.  Within 24-48 hours of you contacting us we will provide you with a no-obligation quote for your consideration.  If you decide to accept our quote, we’ll add your lawn to our mowing schedule and show up like clockwork so you can get back to the more important things going on in your life!

Affordable Grass Cutting Service Fort Smith AR

A Refreshing Reliable Grass Cutting Service

We get a lot of calls from local residents in the Fort Smith/Van Buren area that are unhappy with their current grass cutting service.  We listen to why they are unhappy so we can be sure to provide a higher level of service.  The usual complaints we hear include we can get another lawn service to answer the phone, call us back, or respond to an email or quote request we filled out on their website.  Since we put a focus on customer service, these issues are non-existent at Riverview Turfworks.

The other common complaint we hear about other grass cutting services is that they don’t show up consistently or they simply stopped showing up altogether and we can’t get ahold of them to find out what is going on.  We understand you are putting a lot of faith in our company when you delegate your lawn maintenance to us.  We take it seriously!  Our reputation is everything, as shown by our 5-star rating when you hire us to cut your lawn you can count on us to show up as expected!  Furthermore, we cut specific parts of town on specific days.  You will know what day we will be out each week to more your lawn and we’ll even email you if there is a delay in your service due to the weather.  Once your lawn is on our schedule, you can expect us to show up at around the same time on your mowing day too.

Lawn Cutting Service Van Buren AR

Mowing Your Lawn As If It Were Our Own

Your lawn is going to look freshly manicured when we complete your grass cutting service!

Nothing is overlooked when we perform a lawn mowing service.  Of course, we are going to mow, trim, edge, and blow off your lawn each and every service.  But, before we arrive we are going to make sure our blades are sharp!  We’re also going to alternate the mowing pattern in your lawn so we don’t create ruts by running our lawn mower’s tire over the same lines each time.

There is more to mowing than just cutting the grass.  We start with customer service and maintaining our equipment properly and finish by providing a beautifully cut lawn after each visit.

Our grass cutting quotes are free and come with zero obligation.  Request yours today!

We also provide other lawn and landscape maintenance services to our grass cutting customers!